The reputation of a hotel or a restaurant  is directly proportional to the professionality and motivation of its staff.

Today, technology provides a large number of tools, which are ouseless if in the companies there aren't persons with the skills needed to use them.


Technology is not everything, to achieve results you have to encourage training and increase the professionality of your employees.


Persons always make the difference.

This child has just learned to ride a bike without the side wheels.


For your employees, know how to ride a bicycle means aquire the skills to:

- Satisfy your clients expectations.

- Use the suitables tools to improve the quality of your offer and increase sales.


Our training courses are a concentration of informations that all those who work or want to manage adequately, sustainably and remuneratively, a hospitality or a catering business can't fail to know.


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It is possible to perform personalized courses within a single company to train the reception staff of a hotel, or the kitchen / dining staff of a restaurant.