Do you have one or more apartments or houses that you want to rent to travelers but you don’t know how to manage?

I am with you


Manage even a single tourist rentals apartment is not a joke. In addition to legal rules, there are a number of activities related to hospitality to be put into practice in order to meet guest’s needs and expectations, which unfortunately are not part of the background of experience of people who never worked in tourism or hospitality business.


If you only think about the revenue, the easyest way is to delegate property management to someone else. If you decided to work in this business, don’t give it to a real estate agency or a tourist real estate property management company; join with other owners renting in your area, together create a small group and manage your properties directly.


By sharing the responsibilities among more people you will be able to grow together, either  professionally and entrepreneurially, and you will contribute to the growth of your territory.


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