For Bed & Breakfast; Room Rentals and Apartment Rental Owners

The hospitality of micro-enterprises from B&B to short-term apartments rentals has suffered a great setback, particularly in the big cities.

However, even before Covid 19, many owners experienced the difficulties, both managerial and economic, to run this business.

Today, those who managed the business on their own (owners), but also those who had a property given to third parties who, due to the lack of demand, gave up, must find ideas to remain on the market, because it’s not time to sell houses and/or inactive companies.

Managing a B&B or even a single apartment for tourist rentals is not a joke. In addition to the legal obligations, there are a number of activities related to hospitality to be put into practice in order to meet guests expectations and needs, which unfortunately are not part of experience to those who never worked in the hospitality or hotel business.

If you have demand, the quickest solution is to start renting again the house to medium / long term period; you could also re-convert the B&B to residential use (business support house).

If, on the other hand, you have decided to continue to act on hospitality business, you must organize yourself for 2022 to reduce management costs and implement an adequate promotion of the activity to intercept the demand in an active (direct) and not passive way (web site reservation).

Here you can’t do everything alone, you have to join a small group with other owners of your territory and manage your properties together.

Considering the current difficulties, if before 10 units (rooms or apartments) were enough to build a group, today they must be at least 20.

Sharing the responsibilities between several people you will be able to grow both professionally and entrepreneurially and contribute to improve the reputation of your place.


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