What does it mean: redesign a restaurant business?

Between companies that:

- Reopened and work well;

- Reopened but business isn’t good;

- Didn’t open or are going to close.


I think it's clear to everyone that “distancing” was the lesser evil, because hits companies with previous structural problems.

Either on fast or slow food business, there was companies that closed o opened continuously.

The Coronavirus has highlighted organizational, managerial and entrepreneurial gaps that are now unacceptable.

It is not enough to know how to cook to be a chef; or how to make pizza to manage a pizzeria.

If you don't know:

- How much the dishes on your menu cost, both for raw materials and labor;

- How to manage your business in an entrepreneurial way;

- That your business is not “selling only food”;

You need to stop and redesign your business before it's too late.



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