What does it mean: redesign a restaurant business?

In the last year, when it was possible to open, we have seen companies that have:

- reopened and gone well

- reopened but they went so-so

- definitely closed

- modified their offer to serve new market segments (eg. food delivery).


Food business, slow or fast, even before 2020 saw companies closing and opening all the time.


It is clear that activities that already had organizational, managerial and entrepreneurial gaps have paid more than others.

And then, there are the customers, who have changed, just as we have changed.


Answer these questions:

- Do you know that in the last twelve months the consumption of biologic, vegan and certified food has increased?

- Have you changed your menu to follow the new trends?

- Are you aware that your business is not just selling food?

- What is the customer experience in your restaurant?


-Do you know the cost of the dishes on your menu, both raw materials and personnel?


Remember that knowing how to cook food is not enough to be a chef, as well as knowing how to make pizza is not enough to manage a pizzeria.


You have to manage your business in an entrepreneurial way to face the change and you can't do it without redesign first  your business, starting from your Business Plan.


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