I am with you


Remember that:

- There cannot be a hospitality entrepreneur who doesn’t know how many rooms he must sell to recover the expenses.

- There cannot be a restaurant entrepreneur who doesn’t know exactly how much it costs him to produce a course or a menu, or any other product he sells.

- If you don't know how much you spend you don't know if and how much you earn.

- You can't afford improvisation and neglect.

- You must keep in touch with clients to see if your offer is appreciated.

- You need to invest to grow your business reputation and value to turn your customers into true friends and supporters of your business.

- You must always be oriented towards change and looking for new opportunities.


If you still have to put into practice even one of these principles in your company; if you need to update your management systems I'm ConTé (with you), call me.


We talk about Persons

The entrepreneur is one who solves the problems of people with a profit "Harv T. Eker


For companies today it is essential to establish a direct relationship with customers, independently from level or channel they use to get in touch with the company.

Clientecontento offers solutions to bring companies closer to customers and meet their expectations.

We can propose solutions for:  

Hotels and hospitality companies of any level and category;

Food and Beverage companies: Restaurant, Pizzeria, bar, fast food;

Food Factories;

Renovating, Planning, Design

Tourist Rentals;

Web Consulting.

The best tooland practices to follow, in order to satisfy customers and improve results.


On the italian version you can find more services; it's because my business is predominantly on the italian market..