Dear colleague,

it,'s May, it's time to think seriously about the new opening, aware that we will have to  change radically the way we do business.

Excluding the rare exceptions of some structures that remained open and those that opened or are going to open in May, the date of the new opening for a hotel, at least in many locations, could be June; so we have a month to plan our start-up, because,repeat, it will not be a reopening, like seasonal activities were used to do, but a new opening, with all that follows.

In this video you will find the initiatives that I would do at the moment, and which I hope you will take as a point of view to compare.


I published on my Youtube channel three series od videos  with evaluations, ideas and opportunities for your business, with some lessons from my video courses.


Watch the videos.

Hoteliers and Restaurateurs I am with you.

I know that you have had many cancellations and are thinking to close for a while, or you to postpone the reopening of next season.

I know that somebodhy, tired of fighting with customers and with tax expenses, are thinking to give up.

I would like to be with you in your structure, and decide together what to do;

to better manage the emaining resources and study new initiatives;

because there is always a solution and it must be found.

Don't look for "expedients" because they could cost you even more.

Be entrepreneurs: refine all details of your management,

 recover resources and eliminate wastage.

If you want to call me or write me, I will answer your questions.

In the meantime I reduced the cost of my courses and manuals of 60%

 because today the skills to manage the company properly is even more important. Look at the prices



I wait for you.

Hi, I'm CliConTé. Imagine that I am a customer.


Like a cat I have my character, my dignity and I don't give up my freedom.


If you want me to be your friend you must "cuddle"; you won't buy me only with a comfortable pillow or a tasty food.


What are you selling? To sleep? To eat?

There are so many places where to eat or sleep!

Why should I come to you?


People make the difference, always.

It’s cat’s word


I have been client of hotels and restaurants, where the owners were good hoteliers and restaurateurs but they were not good entrepreneurs and they went out of business.


I’m looking for companies that respect rules, people and want to grow.


Take a look to our services for companies

Do you want to have happy clients?

Do you want to grow your online

and offline quality perceived?

I am with you!

Let's work together.

You, who are respecting the rules, the people and the environment; look around and think that your principles are not shared, but nevertheless you continue on your way; don't you feel an alien?


Yet we are the majority. Yes, we aliens who respect the rules are many more than those who don’t respect them.


The fact is that we don’t like to boast of our fairness, unlike those who instead boast of their own misconduct, making us feel even more alien.


We can choose.

As customers, our choices can favor companies that respect people and the environment.

By now we are all able to understand that if an article or a product is inexpensive, probably has been manufactured without respect of rules and people.


As a company owner, if you feel penalized by unfair competition, make your alien a strength: tell your customers.Do not hide. Do not complain. Tell your clients how you work, the passion and the honesty that lead you and why your product costs more than another.


Surely somebody will appreciate and buy your products also for your honesty and you will be able to attract in your company honest people like you.


Join the albergoaposto (Hotel ok) and ristoranteaposto (Restaurant ok) initiatives.


Customers: give trust to the companies that have nothing to hide.


Let them know how alien we are, let us all commit ourselves to the respect of rules.

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