Restaurant Ok (Ristoranteaposto)

For companies


Have you ever wondered how customers would behave if they knew they were eating in a restaurant where the owner keeps people working illegally?


If your company respect the laws; your employees are regularly hired and paid; pay suppliers and respect competitors, why don’t you use your fairness to enhance your business, increase perceived quality and retain customers?


To differentiate oneself from those who are not in order, one must put your face on it. Are you an entrepreneur who respects the rules? Tell your customers!


People are increasingly sensitive to issues of environmental sustainability, ethics and social responsibility. Let your customers know that yours is a "ristorantea posto" (good company).


Request and submit the application form; download and fill in the form to display, show it to your customers and listen to the reactions. (please refer to the italian page)


Your company will be included in the activities that are “OK” on your town with: name, address and telephone number. The inclusion in the portal  "ristoranteaposto" is free.


If you also want to insert a photo and the link to your site to allow customers to access and book directly  the cost is 50 Euro per year, starting from the date of payment.


Join the initiative. Give your customers one more reason to choose you.


The initiative is available to all food and beverage comapnies: restaurants, pizzeria, self service etc..

For the customers


If you knew that in the restaurant where you eat with your friends, the staff is not hired regularly or is underpaid should you go there?


If you knew that the company, by evading taxes and paying less for its staff, could "afford" lower rates than its competitors, would eat the same?


You customer don’t know what happens behind the scenes of a company (even if sometimes from the air we breathe inside we can understand how is the atmosphere for employees); however, if the entrepreneur show his face, because he has nothing to hide and tell you that his company respects the rules, people and other companies (suppliers and competitors), you will probably appreciate more what he offers.


The human factor will always make the difference for the quality of the services offered by a restaurant.


Do you consider a company that:

- Hire all employees directly;

- Pay employees and suppliers regularly;

- Respect the rules and pay taxes,

has it to be preferred to another that uses black or underpaid personnel, or evade tax and for this reason can sell at lower rates?


If you appreciate companies that respect the environment, you will also appreciate those who have a corporate ethic, respect the rules, people and pay taxes. and perhaps it will cost something more than those who do not have the same principles.