Hi, I'm CliConTé, I'm your client.


2020 has changed our lives, but also made us more responsible.

Do you know that today me, and many others, are more careful to reduce the environmental impact of our presence?


The eco-friendly; green-living; eco-green philosophy; or whatever you want to call it, not only care about the environment, but also includes themes of social and economic ethics.


When we travel, or go out to eat; we look for hospitalites and restaurants places that share our same philosophy and respect the principles of sustainability either environmental, social and economic.


We appreciate who:

- Work to reduce pollution, waste and misuse.

- Respects the people who work in the company, hiring and paying them regularly.

- Choose suppliers and partners sharing the same ethical principles that work respecting rules, environment and people.


By now, we are all able to understand that, if an article or product is cheap, is probably done without respecting rules, people or environment.


For this reason, as customers, we ask companies to embrace the "sustainable" philosophy and communicate it clearly. Tell what lies behind your work: the passion, the fairness and the honesty that guides you. Together we can create a network of people and companies that share the same values and improve the quality of living.


Together with Clientecontento we are studying a manifesto that with a few simple words collects the principles to be put into practice in order to be considered a hotel-ok and a restaurant-ok.