Vision, Mission, Charter of Value

We can't be all-round experts but we can't not to know.

It's a paradox of our time that we have to live with.

That's why I consider myself a holistic consultant.

My Vision: I'm sure that reduce improvisation, increase professionality and skills, in all companies, (big, medium, small and very small), helps to improve the quality of the whole territory in which they operate.

My Mission: I suggest solutions to improve management and products quality; I help to follow the change and not suffer it; and put customer at the center of attentionlisten to customer to improve the product; improving the product, increase revenues.
My charter of values is all in the 10 Credos of Kotler "Marketing 3.0; they begin with the wordlove ....... and ends with word...... wisdom. From there I've been inspired for my "Happy Client".

The 10 credos of Marketing 3.0 by Philip Kotler:


1 .Love your consumers and respect your competitors.

2 .Be sensitive to change and be ready to transform.

3. Guard your brand name, be clear about who you are

4. Consumers are diverse, go first to those who can benefit most from you.

5. Always offer a good product at a fair price.

6. Be always accessible and provide quality news.

7. Get your customers, keep and make them grow.

8. Whatever your business, it is a service business.

9. Always refine your business process in terms of quality, cost and delivery time.

10. Gather relevant information and use your wisdom in making your decision.

One thing about trains...

It doesn't matter where they're going.

What matters is decide to get on.

(from Polar Express Movie)


Get on this train .....
If you wait the next
you may be late!